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The Mid-Atlantic Bridge Conference is made up of District Six and District Seven of the American Contract Bridge League.
District Seven includes North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and eastern Tennessee
District Six consists of Virginia, Washington DC and most of Maryland.

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Callaway Gardens (Pine Mtn) GA Regional ... 1,778 tables
Greenville Regional Alternate housing infomartion
Wilmington NC Regional
Charlottesville VA Regional
Charleston SC Regional
Don Berman, President of District 6 and Jim Villanueva, President of District 7,
would like to announce that after continued cooperation and planning between the two districts, just as there has been throughout a half century of the Mid-Atlantic Bridge Conference...
The Mid-Atlantic Bridge Conference (MABC) will be reborn on January 5th, 2015 with new bylaws and a new purpose.
The MABC will now be a support organization to District 6 and District 7 for hosting the best Regional Tournaments in the ACBL, only now each district will spend its time and energy focusing more on its own substantial territory. Tournament attendees should notice improvement in the their tournament experience. We will be embracing a new player-friendly event structure for pair events just approved by the ACBL board that includes additional strata for those with 750 to 3000 master points. We will also be able to run Gold Rush games six days every tournament. MABC tournaments still offer great hospitality and a philosophy of giving as much back to the player as possible, a famous intermediate/newcomer program, first class properties with the attempt to keep room rates as reasonable as the market allows, and being among the lowest of all regional card fees. MABC script for overall awards will still be given and honored in both districts.
We are predominately a group of VOLUNTEERS and are always looking for more, and people should contact their unit boards to become involved.

MABC Entry Vouchers will be available at the Charlottesville, Wilmington, Callaway Gardens and Gatlinburg Regionals
The MABC is launching a trial run of a new convenience for bridge players - the MABC Entry Voucher. For the first time at MABC events, you can purchase multiple entries in advance using your credit card. We encourage you to try this out and let us know what you think.
What is an MABC Entry Voucher? An MABC Entry Voucher is good for one entry to any event, and can be redeemed like cash or MABC scrip.
What convenience does this offer me? (1) The convenience of credit card purchase. This will allow you to leave your checkbook and cash at home, and still be able to buy entries. (2) Entry-selling lines move faster when players don't need to write checks or count change for a cash transaction.
Can I buy entry vouchers with cash or check? At this time, we are selling these vouchers through credit card sale only. Please use the normal entry line if you do not wish to use a credit card.
Can I use this entry voucher at future MABC events, like scrip? No - this voucher is only good at the Regional where purchased. If the service is popular, the MABC and/or District 7 may consider future options to allow such vouchers to be good for multiple tournaments, but at this time, it's use it or lose it.
Can MABC Entry Vouchers be purchased for the entire tournament? Vouchers will be sold only through Saturday afternoon. Be sure to tell us if you want more!
What if I don't use all my vouchers? We want to stay out of the ATM Business so don't buy more vouchers than you are going to use at this tournament. In emergency cases only, refunds will be given with the approval of an MABC Official.
Questions? Please contact Chris Moll MABC Vice President cell (504)495-7485

Norfolk VA Regional
Augusta GA Regional
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Gatlinburg TN April 13-19

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